Why Wet Carpets Cause Disease

Carpets are a good investment, as they can be used both for decoration and functionality. Carpet fibers are a great way to trap bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and mold. The carpet will be home to millions of microorganisms if it is not maintained. Mold could develop if you don’t use carpet cleaning services in St ives after flooding. Mold growing on carpets can be dangerous because it is not only a health risk, but also emits an unpleasant musty smell and damages carpet fibers. Carpet mold is available in white, pink, blueish-green or brown. It breeds very quickly in humid or warm air. Unlock more bonuses by visiting our specials page.

It is the wind that spreads spores. Mold and mildew are known to trigger allergies. This includes allergens, such as dust and mites. The carpet was found to contain bacteria in addition to mould, according to experts. In every 1 square inch, there are approximately 200,000 bacteria. Compare that with 50 bacteria per toilet seat. This means that the carpet is 4,0 times dirtier than a toilet seat. It doesn’t matter if the carpet is clean or safe.

As soon as the carpet has been identified as the cause of a disease, the best thing to do is remove it from its source. The carpet should be cleaned regularly. It is best to vacuum the carpet. A vacuum cleaner can eliminate various microorganism germs. A vacuum cleaner can eliminate various microorganism germs. The technology used can be effective in removing dust mites and other contaminants from the carpet. It is equipped with an organic water purifier which uses essential oil compounds. This makes it suitable for both children and babies. No harmful chemicals are used and the system is completely dry. The product is also environmentally-friendly because it adds no pollutants to air, and doesn’t damage goods.

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