Who is Xiao’s mother?

Emperor Kangzi, her husband, was sad about the absence of children until he left a Komodo dragon hatchling at his doorstep. They adopted Joyed as their daughter, and she was their pride and joy. Read more now on xiao.

However, Princess Xiao, the empress, finally had a biological child. Her parents moved all their attention from Shi Long to Xiao the moment she was born. This left her feeling abandoned and unloved.

Although it is not known what happened to her after that, it is most likely she died.

She was kind-hearted and loved her husband and children. Prior to meeting Shi Long, she was saddened by her barrenness. She was happy after this and began to care for her adopted child. After giving birth to her biological child, her attention shifted from Shi Long to Xiao.

Her mother was so happy when Xiao was born that she switched her focus from Shi Long to Xiao. She ignored Shi Long in order to show how much she wanted a biological child.

Xiao seems to have lost all memory of her mother. This suggests that the empress died before Xiao could remember.

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