The Dark Secret About Heal and Recovery

This book was written to show the opposite side of “The Secret”, by Rhonda. She has a lot of great material, but it misses the point. We are not allowed to experience all the good that we have rightfully earned with Renew Wellness Recovery.

My book is part self-help guide, part inspirational tool. It makes a significant contribution towards our understanding of the social work profession and the new field, Life Coaching.

You can live happier, healthier lives if you choose the positive. This is a significant challenge for us as well as our culture.

We are living in an era of incredible opportunity and great folly. America continues to be a beacon of hope, direction, solutions, and direction for the rest of the world. America remains a land with majestic beauty, a beacon to unlimited opportunity, prosperity, abundance.

America stands before the world, transfixed at the rhythm of automobile engines. We are entrapped by a war between liberation and revenge, surrounded with a cloud of unnatural steam and murky waters. America is also mesmerized in its tranquil images on color TV sets and personal computers.

Seen the flashing lights? Hear the wailing sirens as ambulances race through our streets to remove the bodies and drug warped children. The women in danger while walking or running through city parks, neighborhood parks, or even the corridors of their offices are obvious. Gunmen assault young people in schools and airport terminals. Robbers prey upon the unsuspecting in subway stations or private homes.

Many high school and college graduates don’t know how to read or write. Many college graduates also struggle to find decent work. More clergy violate their vows, ending up in prison or the courts. Half of the eligible voters in our country do not vote.

Millions upon millions of Americans are working and struggle to pay for their basic needs, such as food, shelter, clothing, and medical care. 44 million Americans don’t have insurance for healthcare. More than half our bankruptcy cases are due to excessive healthcare costs. Yet our political system passes laws to make Chapter 7 filing even more difficult.