Rock Garden Basics

Many of us enjoy the beauty and peace of gardens. However we don’t know how to keep them healthy or weed-free. I tried my hand with flowers that needed a lot attention. When that didn’t work, I tried again with a rock garden. Although my efforts were more successful, there were still mistakes. This will help you have a better experience in maintaining your garden. You can get the best guide on dekorra mock rocks.

First, I didn’t weedkill my ground cover before I planted it. The holes are very small and the weeds were able to make their way through. After you decide where you want to put your rock garden, spray weed killer in the autumn.

I created mine so it looked like a dry riverbed. I used small, white rocks found in Oklahoma. However, any kind or river rock will work. Next, I tried to put an indoor cactus in the garden. You may have seen them in stores. They have yellow, pink, and red flowery tips. They don’t like being outside for very long. However, I did plant regular Cactus plants, which are very common in our region. They did grow and don’t die even in winter. They don’t need any care and only require minimal water. It’s often hot and dry in these parts.

Another type of flower I grew was flowering moss. This species is perennial in our region and only grows 3 inches tall. There are many different colors. It makes a stunning ground cover. You’re likely to know to ask your local garden center what is best for growing in your particular area.

I live near a large amount of rock and was surprised to see the variety of sizes on my property. Some of them were brown while others were white. If you live where there is only brown rock, it’s possible to paint them white. After gathering my rocks, i designed several areas for my garden in various shapes and sizes. Next, I planted easy-to-maintenance flowers and Cactus in the areas that I had designated for my dry riverbed. I used black plastic which was easy to bend and give the rocks a natural appearance. This plastic is available at most garden centers. Keep in mind that you should weed kill both in the fall, and again in early spring. That way, when spring rains come, your garden won’t be overrun with weeds. In fact, it was so bad that I decided to quit the garden.