Rejuvenation Options For The Brow

The plastic surgeon can choose from a variety of options to rejuvenate your upper face, or brow. The plastic surgeon has both non-surgical, and surgical, options. Non-surgical treatment options can provide rapid results with little to zero recovery. Surgical solutions vary in their extent and scope. They do, however, require some recuperation check this.

Non-surgical treatments include Botox injections, Restylene, Sculptra and ulthera. Botox paralyzes muscles that move the eyebrows. There are several muscles that make up the brow structure. They are responsible for the movement of the eyebrows. They elevate, depress, and create facial movements. When botox injections are made into specific muscles, they cause the muscle to stop functioning for three to four months. The surgeon uses botox in the same way as a portrait artist to eliminate wrinkles, create a variety expressions, or elevate the eyebrows.

Juvederm consists of a protein, which when injected directly into a wrinkle in the skin causes it to flatten. It’s a filler, so the volume injected is what makes it lessen wrinkles. Juvederm works for wrinkles around the brow as well. It usually lasts 8-12months. Surgical options available for brow rejuvination include eyebrow elevation using an eyelid crease, corregator muscle ablating via an eyelid crease, open or endoscopic lift, and endoscopic lift. Both in terms of scope and recovery, the first two surgical procedures are very limited. This may be the best option for a patient who wants to elevate the brow, but doesn’t care about the wrinkles. Or if the patient needs to weaken the muscles causing the 11 lines. There are many patients who opt for a complete rejuvenation of their upper face. In this case, either an open or an endoscopic lift is used.

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