Hardwood Floor Care

Houston homes make hardwood floors a beautiful focal point. You can make them from any wood and in any color. Hardwood floors are strong and resistant to traffic. It is important to preserve their beauty for many decades, discover more.

For hardwood floors to look beautiful, you need to keep them dry and clean. Hardwood floors can become dull and brittle from dirt, dust, and other debris. Dust and dirt buildup on hardwood flooring can eventually cause it to look duller. If the dirt isn’t removed, it can stain the floor and expose any wood. To keep spillages from reaching your wood, you can put a good coating of wax on the floors. A faster mop with a product such as can help keep your floors clean.

Hardwood floors present the greatest problems. They are easy to scratch by everyday life. Take care when moving things across hardwood floors. Don’t move heavy furniture or items on hardwood floors. For heavy furniture, large area rugs are possible. Place pads under furniture legs so they don’t move when they’re sat down. They will get into the wood if not protected. Large dogs can cause serious damage to hardwood floors if they click their toenails when they walk. Hardwood floors can also be damaged by pets, even small ones. If your hardwood floors are being scratched by their toenails then you can cut them. For people who want to clean their soles off the hardwood floors with a mat, you could provide one.

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